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Admirers of Kashmir Crewel


Genuine Crewel & Designer Kashmir

We, at Designer Kashmir, are one of the world’s largest curators of pure and handcrafted Kashmir crewel fabrics. Each of our pieces epitomizes the highest levels of quality and royalty and will make you feel no less than nobility yourself. Our range of crewel fabrics will enrapture the world with its beauty and sublime softness. It’s not just the beauty and exquisiteness that we are concerned about; credibility is what sets us apart from the rest. Our pieces are first painstakingly handcrafted with the finest designs and reflect the highest quality of craftsmanship. After this labor of love sees the light of the day, it is sent for quality assurance to the Crafts Development Institute, Ministry of Textiles as part of Govt of India that certifies each Crewel. After all, you deserve a product that’s as warm and real as you!


Since these are exclusive luxurious fabrics, you have to be careful while choosing your pure crewel. Try checking pure crewel sales online or look for crewel curtains in London to find what you are looking for. Just apply the tests outlined above! That’s it.

Designer Kashmir is one of the few producers of exclusive and exquisite Crewel fabrics with a spectacular range and stunning weaves! Our legacy is defined by our product range. Just visit our website to Designer if you would like to buy crewel curtains online.

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Cashmere Pashmina for Wedding

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Best value Christmas pashmina

Best value Christmas pashmina

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From winters to summers, Pashmina scarves still timeless

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