Pashmina has always been the love and desire of women all around the world. To own a Pashmina is to experience royalty. Ever since pashmina had been discovered, it had been the most sought after fibre, being the raw material for the delicate pashmina shawls worn by the rulers & emperors, kings & queens.

The blissful richness and elusive smoothness of pashmina with rich hand embroideries or intricate hand weaves have been an essential part of the Imperial lifestyle since many centuries. Justly referred to as the “Art of Royal”, Pashmina became a desire of Empress Josephine - the wife of Napoleon which made it a must have luxury by all the royal families of the world. Pashmina is the delicate art of hand-weaving premium cashmere wool into deluxe pashmina shawls, scarves and accessories.

Pashmina, perhaps is the only fibre, for which various invasions had been planned & many treaties signed to gain control over its trade. It had always been the soft spot of the producing regions, reaping the most profitable revenues. The pashm trade was shielded from any political controversy by the various treaties signed & this resulted in the prospering of Kashmir’s shawl industry in the late 19th century. The sparse availability & high prices, along with the combination of high demand & banning of the toosh fibre, led to Pashmina becoming the most sought after fabric in the world. Who process pashmina? The Changpa tribes of Ladakh who herd the changthangi goat & harvest.


Wedding Pashmina

Pashmina is becoming an essential for weddings, and it is totally comprehensible and acceptable. The Luxury of Pashmina is something that will instantly turn a plain and basic outfit into a imperial one, or calm down a loud and colorful outfit. Pashminas can be worn by brides themselves, or gifted to bridesmaids for the love they shower upon the bride and her family. Pashminas as Wedding Favors, what better way to pamper your guests or thank the bridesmaid, than the ever cherished, graceful, and filled with the love of local artisans - Pashmina shawl.

Pashmina is considered the finest craftsmanship in the world which transforms the exceptionally warm and delicate Cashmere threads to opulent accessories. The fleece of Changthangi Goat is known as Pashm which is an Urdu word & has origins in Farsi. This goat is exotic and is only found there, 15000 feet above sea level in Ladakh - Jammu and Kashmir, making the art of Pashmina even rarer and revered all over the world. Pashmina has fascinated kings, royals, and people all over the world by its magical allure and a traditional grace. Perhaps this was the reason why we chose to showcase the exquisiteness and regal demeanor of this centuries old art to the world. It's not just today that Pashmina has patronage from around the world. There were times when this art was favoured with royal patronage. Kings, queens, royal families and nobles all over the world knew Pashmina. In fact, they owned a large number of shawls and scarves.

Pashmina - a word seemingly synonymous to luxury - is the best solution to your winter wedding woes. It is smooth as silk, light weight like a feather and warm like the pleasant early summer sun. When you choose to accessorize with a Pashmina, you are choosing to spend your day in utmost comfort and looking like a princess from the past. 

We, at Designer Kashmir, are one of the world’s largest curators of pure and handcrafted Himalayan cashmere. Each of our pieces epitomizes the highest levels of quality and royalty and will make you feel no less than nobility yourself. Our range of shawls, stoles, scarves and wraps will enrapture the world with its beauty and sublime softness. It’s not just the beauty and exquisiteness that we are concerned about; credibility is what sets us apart from the rest. Our pieces are first painstakingly handcrafted with the finest designs and reflect the highest quality of craftsmanship. After this labor of love sees the light of the day, it is sent for quality assurance to the Crafts Development Institute, Ministry of Textiles as part of Govt of India that certifies each Pashmina. After all, you deserve a product that’s as warm and real as you! Check the appearance: The Pashmina must have a matte finish to it. A little bit of fabric sheen is alright but too much shine is an indication that your Pashmina is fake! Check the diameter: An authentic manufacturer will mention it to you that the best grade Pashminas are available for 14-15.5 microns. Lower the micron count, lighter and softer will be the product. Do the Burn Test: A tough test to perform on your precious Pashmina shawl but this can help determine the purity of the product. You could perform this test on the fringes which wouldn’t ruin the design or harm the material. If it gives a burnt hair kind of odor and the ash is powdery, rest assured it is pure. But, if it smells like plastic or it catches big flames alas it’s polyester. The Rub Test: This is probably the easiest test to conduct. The logic behind this is that acrylic or polyester fabrics accumulate static electricity, so when you rub the fabric, it gives out sparks. Whereas, if there’s no sound or spark, you would know that the pashmina is pure. Since these are exclusive luxurious fabrics, you have to be careful while choosing your pure pashmina. Try checking pure pashmina sales online or look for pashmina scarves in London to find what you are looking for. Just apply the tests outlined above! That’s it. To help you in your quest further, here are some more simple guidelines:- Pure Pashmina shawls prices range from 100$ and go up to 10000$ Stoles and scarves you can obtain for approximately half the price of a Shawl Check for Pure Pashmina shawls Sales and Deals Online as well Designer Kashmir is one of the few producers of exclusive and exquisite Pashmina shawls, scarves and stoles with a spectacular range and stunning weaves! Our legacy is defined by our product range. Just visit our website to designer Kashmir if you would like to buy pashmina shawls online. Pashmina is acquired from the Capra hircus goat of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. Here winters are so harsh that temperatures dip to -40 degrees sometimes. The goat, to protect itself from these conditions, grows a soft and exceptionally warm fleece over its throat, underbelly, and some parts of its body. This fleece is so warm that the goat survives through the winter easily. 


Winter Wedding Pashmina

Pashmina - a word seemingly synonymous to luxury - is the best solution to your winter wedding woes. It is smooth as silk, light weight like a feather and warm like the pleasant early summer sun. When you choose to accessorize with a Pashmina, you are choosing to spend your day in utmost comfort and looking like a princess from the past. 

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when getting married in winter. Even Though the sun might not be harsh, maybe it is too weak to penetrate the grey skies. Then there is a chance that the bride, bridesmaid and the guests would be uneasy, shivering in the cold. Or else, if everyone chooses to layer up in thick warm wraps and sweaters, they might have to give up looking their best on such a special day. But we would never want you to do that. Therefore, we came up with a magical accessory straight from the Paradise on earth - Kashmir.


Why is Pashmina so exquisite?

The factors which determine the quality of pashmina are its fineness, its fiber length & color. The raw pashm is available in colors ranging from white, considered the most premium, to brown & grey. The diameter of the fibre determines its fineness & is measured in microns, i.e., 1/1000 of a millimeter. The pashm from the changthangi goat is between 13 to 19 microns. The suitable fibre length for hand weaving of “pashm” is more than 5 cms. The Changthangi goats that live at higher altitudes produce longer pashm fibre. In summers, however, the warm fleece makes the goat uneasy. Hence it wipes its body against rough and rugged surfaces of stones, walls, bushes etc to get rid of the wool. Its herders collect this wool and comb the rest of it from the goat’s body (ethically). This wool is sent to professional cleaners who clean the wool and send it to Kashmir, where it is spun by skilled women and later handwoven by men over wooden handlooms. The Pashmina so acquired is feathery light owing to the fine threads it's made of. (Note that the threads of Pashmina are just 12-16 microns in diameter). They are warm because of the innate properties of Pashmina wool which is a natural fibre embodying immense warmth and luxury.


Pashminas for a bridesmaid:

Your bridesmaid is there for you at every moment of your special day. Throughout the events, be it your engagement party to the best bachelorette celebration, you just couldn't have imagined these wonderful days without her presence. For the amazing memories she gave you, for the love she showered over you, for the support she gave you throughout your friendship, especially your wedding days, thank her with a token of love. Gift her a bridesmaid special wedding Pashmina which engulfs her in a soft and warm caress and makes your relationship stronger than ever. 


The solid finesse hand-woven cashmere Pashmina radiates a superficial elegance. They rejoice the dash of colours over the rich base lying beneath. Shades of using natural or vegetable dyes, plain Cashmere Pashmina craft a notable statement in style. Surprise your bridesmaid with a plain white or warm hued wedding Pashmina shawl which matches her outfit. Wrap it around her shoulders yourself and make her feel a little bit more special.



Pashmina shawls as Wedding Favors:

We know it's your special day and all eyes will be on you. But In this excitement, sometimes you forget to give attention to your guests without whom you wouldn’t enjoy a second of your special day. Either your gifts for them aren't as good as they expected, or they do not convey a special message to each of those who added all the fun to your joyous nuptials. We would recommend choosing Pashmina shawls or scarves as wedding favors for many reasons.

Firstly, if your wedding is in fall or winter, your guests might take the help of these beautiful wedding Pashmina wraps to keep themselves warm. Secondly, a wedding Pashmina will last for a lifetime with your daily and friends, which makes this chance for you to never let them forget your wedding day. Lastly, Pashmina conveys love and care as it is handmade from immensely skilled artisans from Kashmir valley. Make your guests feel remarkably special and make them experience a feeling of special with you.

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