How to identify the real Pashmina:


The first thing Pashmina is the Superior Quality of Wool after Shahtoosh, Superiority depends upon the capability of certain fabric to give out Warmth, Pashmina is the Down hair of Chegu (Changthani), an antelope who live in Changthang plateau of the Kashmir region, where the temperature drops to -40 degree Celsius. The Thickness of yarn should be 11 to 15 Microns, below that is shahtoosh and above that is cashmere. For a perfect Pashmina Shawls it needs to be Handmade if it is not handmade please Don’t call it Pashmina. A Good Quality Pashmina Shawl must weight +200 gm. The tight weave of a shawls make it durable for a life time..These are some of the characteristics of Pashmina. Now here are some tips to check and identify the pashmina shawls Pull out a single thread from your shawls and Burn it, it will smell different than silk and cotton. (Note: - it will only confirm your Shawls is Wool) After burning touch, it with hands, any sticky substance means it contains synthetic/viscose. Get the thickness of your yarn checked, 11 to 15 microns is Pashmina.There are certain properties of a Pashmina which can tell you if the Pashmina you own is original and real, and not fake. Here is a list of some features of a pure Pashmina Pure Pashmina is soft Pashmina fibre is hypoallergenic, which means it does not cause any allergic reaction. This is the first and the most basic way to identify pure Cashmere. So, in case your luxury wrap doesn’t feel as soft and itches once you wrap it, you’ve got your hands on a fake one! This is because Pashmina is a hypoallergenic fibre, which does not cause any allergic reaction. It is generally smooth and soft as butter, because it is made up of fibres of fine diameter. Besides, it is not straight and bumpy, which means the fibres stick to themselves but do not stick out at all. Pure Pashmina will carry a label Every Pashmina wrap is legally bound to display its quality composition on its label, i.e. its percentage of cashmere. Your luxury wrap, if it’s genuine, is likely to have a label calling it out. There are times that it may have one and yet lack authenticity. But in case there isn’t at all, that should raise a red flag. At Designer Kashmir, we are ahead of the curve. We understand how our customers deserve the quality and authenticity they invest in. So each of our pieces comes with a quality assurance certificate from the Crafts Development Institute, Government of India. Pure Pashmina is uneven A genuine handcrafted Pashmina will always be uneven in the weave like this. An authentic Pashmina that has been painstakingly handcrafted will show some form of irregularities, since it’s done by hand. At Designer Kashmir our artisans painstakingly work for days and months to create a masterpiece that’s fine and accentuates your personality and your outfit. Original Pashmina won’t generate static electricity This might sound odd to you, but it’s the right step! When you rub the fabric, you will know what the animal fibres are made up of. Synthetic fibres like acrylic and polyester when rubbed together generate massive static electricity as well as little sparks. In the case of Pashmina, none of this happens, so you’d have your proof right there! Original Pashmina Will Pill This is another test you must not miss. Pashmina is an animal fibre and is likely to pill, however much you try. Pilling can be reduced to an extent but won’t completely go. If you don’t spot any pilling, it means that there is some synthetic mixed. Original Pashmina gives burnt smell You could perform this test on the fringes which wouldn’t ruin the design or harm the material. Genuine pashmina will leave a burnt hair smell and there’ll be some powdery residue behind. If it’s a synthetic fibre, you may smell burnt leaves and it will burn more brightly and leave a small bump behind. Once you lit up that scrap, notice how it smells and looks. These are some of the most common and simple ways to know if your Pashmina is a genuine one. Genuine Pashmina & Designer Kashmir We, at Designer Kashmir, are one of the world’s largest curators of pure and handcrafted Himalayan cashmere. Each of our pieces epitomizes the highest levels of quality and royalty and will make you feel no less than nobility yourself. Our range of shawls, stoles, scarves and wraps will enrapture the world with its beauty and sublime softness. It’s not just the beauty and exquisiteness that we are concerned about; credibility is what sets us apart from the rest. Our pieces are first painstakingly handcrafted with the finest designs and reflect the highest quality of craftsmanship. After this labor of love sees the light of the day, it is sent for quality assurance to the Crafts Development Institute, Ministry of Textiles as part of Govt of India that certifies each Pashmina. After all, you deserve a product that’s as warm and real as you! Check the appearance: The Pashmina must have a matte finish to it. A little bit of fabric sheen is alright but too much shine is an indication that your Pashmina is fake! Check the diameter: An authentic manufacturer will mention it to you that the best grade Pashminas are available for 14-15.5 microns. Lower the micron count, lighter and softer will be the product. Do the Burn Test: A tough test to perform on your precious Pashmina shawl but this can help determine the purity of the product. You could perform this test on the fringes which wouldn’t ruin the design or harm the material. If it gives a burnt hair kind of odor and the ash is powdery, rest assured it is pure. But, if it smells like plastic or it catches big flames alas it’s polyester. The Rub Test: This is probably the easiest test to conduct. The logic behind this is that acrylic or polyester fabrics accumulate static electricity, so when you rub the fabric, it gives out sparks. Whereas, if there’s no sound or spark, you would know that the pashmina is pure. Since these are exclusive luxurious fabrics, you have to be careful while choosing your pure pashmina. Try checking pure pashmina sales online or look for pashmina scarves in London to find what you are looking for. Just apply the tests outlined above! That’s it. To help you in your quest further, here are some more simple guidelines:- Pure Pashmina shawls prices range from 100$ and go up to 10000$ Stoles and scarves you can obtain for approximately half the price of a Shawl Check for Pure Pashmina shawls Sales and Deals Online as well Designer Kashmir is one of the few producers of exclusive and exquisite Pashmina shawls, scarves and stoles with a spectacular range and stunning weaves! Our legacy is defined by our product range. Just visit our website to designer Kashmir if you would like to buy pashmina shawls online. 


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