Wrap yourself in exquisite and everlastingly elegant superlatively fine fibre, crafted by the artisans with a highly developed set of skills, otherwise known as the cashmere Shawls. Combed out by their herders at the onset of summer, it is the warm soft undercoat grown by goats herded on the high-altitude plateaus of the Himalayas, Ladakh and Tibet. Adorn yourself with these beauties which have a unique combination that provides you not only the warmth but also gets the heads turning. With such elegant babies, you are sure to never go wrong or down the style scale. These wraps are just perfect for any occasion, be it a work party or a small get-together at home or even your best friend’s wedding.

A symbol of luxury and sophistication, Pashmina has always been the love and desire of women all around the world. To own a Pashmina is to experience royalty. Only the softest and apical quality Cashmere pashmina untangle from high altitude Changra goats of Ladakh has been used to weave this most stylish Cashmere scarf.


The Pattern Multitude In Pashmina:

The pattern intrusion in standard Pashmina is gigantic. Nonetheless, it is the era enduring Kanis, the superlative embroidery paisleys, Jamavars, the glitter of zari embroidery (Tilla) and needlework, and the superficial substantial design which take away the heart. The Pashmina is made in innumerable of patterns to gear and amiable every type of notability.


Solid Pashmina:

The solid finesse hand-woven cashmere Pashmina radiates a superficial elegance. They rejoice the dash of colours over the rich base lying beneath. Shades of using natural or vegetable dyes, plain Cashmere Pashmina craft a notable statement in style.  


Embroidered Pashmina:

The embellished Pashminas mark the classical tendency of Kashmiri Embroideries like needlework and crochet hook work with the original base of Pashmina. The adornment thus forms embroidery superlative dense Jamawars, Paisleys Floral motifs and multihued border patterns. The intense statement envelops thus magic to take their enthusiasm from flower-patterned motifs which encase the beautiful valley of Kashmir.


The Grandeur of Kani Pashmina:

Kani Pashmina weaving is reminiscent of the era of Prosperous Kashmiri Heritage. The Kani Pashmina is not just a shawl; it is a piece of fine art loaded in colours, sophistication and fine craftsmanship which takes approximately 6 months in its making. There is something magical about a Kani shawl- the way it erupts into a mirthful burst of colour, the intriguing patterns woven into its very weave and the way it brings elegance and grace to this attire. The leaning of Pashmina was set by none other than Empress Josephine when her husband, Napoleon gifted it to her. These wraps use small sticks known as Kanis to create an exquisite medley in its weave. Kani is the local Kashmir name given to a wooden spool, which works most while weaving a scarf with the authentic technique. On the base, small wooden sticks called 'Kanis' create magic with the colourful threads wound around them, and create paisley and intriguing pattern all over its surface in the rich jamawar pattern. Weaving is meticulously regulated by a coded pattern, known as the Talim(Language) drawn by the Naqash (Artist) for the guidance of the weaver. Kani Pashmina-the epitome of Kashmiri Hand Craft, a must have in the Bridal Trousseau, more than a shawl, a masterpiece that stays with you lifelong!  Preliminary Steps: The accumulated Pashm strings are washed, combed and spun before handing it out to the weaver. As easy as it may seem, the real practice is numerous and arduous.


Kalamkari Pashmina:

Perhaps, nothing epitomizes the glorious history of Kashmir craftsmanship, as warmly and beautifully, as does this beautiful Kalamkari Pashmina. The astonishment of Kalamkari uses organic colours to radiate their magic over a base of Pashmina and then draw around these marks with a specialized needlework. Kalamkari originated in Persia and remains flawless in distant villages of Kashmir even till date. This heirloom exquisite Kalamkari Pashmina shawl is an ultimate piece of art that is unique and created with love, devotion and dedication. Kalamkari Pashmina-the epitome of Kashmiri Hand Craft, a must have in the Bridal Trousseau, more than a shawl, a masterpiece that stays with you lifelong.


Modern Design Pashmina:

In the sublime delicacy of pashm fibres a cogitation of colours, a sequence of stripes Unfurl all over its rich surface in a horizontal pattern, breathing a new life into its plain base. Handwoven into the ideal fashion, the wrap is set to gratify you with its supreme intricacy which will for certain take your heart away Each blink and twist in our royal wrap has been skilfully woven by master artisans from the Valley of Kashmir, who work meticulously to make your wrap a masterpiece. Customize the Pashmina to the tastes of the modern lifestyle has stimulated many designers in luxury fashion vogue to blend the fashionable patterns of stripes, blots and checks with the classical hand-woven Kashmiri Pashmina, thus formulate an altogether elite range which we label modern design pashmina.


Dip Dye Pashmina:

Crafted using the vibrant colours of Tie n Dye, the Dip Dye Pashmina is a mélange of vibrant hues to coordinate any apparel as effortlessly as is possible.


Dual Toned Pashmina:

Set to beautifully contrasting shades, Reversible Pashmina is a duet of colours and can be worn either side for a different look to transpire. These wraps are ideal to wear over western attires.


Towel Pashmina:

The deluxe Towel Shawls are hand woven into warps and wefts and threads of Pashmina, popularly known as loops are manually picked from the shawl by master artisans. These loops make the classic wrap warmer than the regular Pashmina and perfect to drape on a totally gelid winter morning


The Fallacy of a Ring Test:

In the modern times, when the markets are abuzz with replicas of Kashmir Pashmina people often find themselves stuck in the dilemma of which ones to own. Amidst the deception which surrounds a typical Pashmina, a popular one is the Ring Test. It is often said that only a Pure Pashmina can pass through a ring owing to its finesse. However, this is a major lie as any soft wool can pass the ring test, its finesse doesn’t need to match the Pashmina. Only a laboratory test (such as the G.I) can determine the true purity of a Pashmina. Others are just deception.


The charm of Pashmina:

With their simplistic sophistication, detailed floral motifs and warmth unsurpassed Pashmina Shawls till date remind us of the richness of Persian culture. Chosen by the people of the elite, the Pashminas have been cherished by The Nawabs of Oudh and the Rajput princes. Legend has it that Mughal Emperor Akbar got a pair of shawls stitched back to back and the classic came to be called Dhoshala. These Dhoshalas were often gifted to the British diplomats. Late 18th century witnessed Josephine, the wife of Emperor Napoleon 1 exemplifying her taste for a Kani Pashmina shawl. The Pashmina became a symbol of statement amongst the royalty of Britain when Queen Victoria wore it as an annual tribute from the state of Kashmir. Till date, wraps make one of the most treasured possessions in the closets of those who live a tasteful life.

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