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How to identify the real himalayan pashmina

Pashmina weaving is reminiscent of the era of Prosperous Kashmiri Heritage. The Pashmina is not just a shawl; it is a piece of fine art which shows the artistic zeal of Kashmir craftsmanship

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Royal Admirers of Cashmere Pashmina


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Why is Pashmina so sought after

Why is Pashmina so sought after?

Ever since pashmina had been discovered, it had been the most sought after fibre, being the raw material for the delicate pashmina shawls worn by the rulers & emperors, kings & queens.

Pashmina, perhaps is the only fibre, for which various invasions had been planned & many treaties signed to gain control over its trade. It had always been the soft spot of the producing regions, reaping the most profitable revenues.

The pashm trade was shielded from any political controversy by the various treaties signed & this resulted in the prospering of Kashmir’s shawl industry in the late 19th century.

The sparse availability & high prices, along with the combination of high demand & banning of the toosh fibre, led to Pashmina becoming the most sought after fabric in the world.

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