A symbol of luxury and sophistication, Pashmina has always been the love and desire of women all around the world. To own a Pashmina is to experience royalty. Only the softest and apical quality Cashmere pashmina untangle from high altitude Changra goats of Ladakh has been used to weave this most stylish Cashmere scarf.

The pattern intrusion in Pashmina:

The pattern intrusion in standard Pashmina is gigantic. Nonetheless, it is the era enduring Kanis, the superlative embroidery paisleys, Jamavars, the glitter of zari embroidery (Tilla) and needlework, and the superficial substantial design which take away the heart. The Pashmina is made in innumerable of patterns to gear and amiable every type of notability.

Solid Pashmina:

The solid finesse hand-woven cashmere Pashmina radiates a superficial elegance. They rejoice the dash of colours over the rich base lying beneath. Shades of using natural or vegetable dyes, plain Cashmere Pashmina craft a notable statement in style.