The Opulence of Kani Pashmina:

Kani Pashmina weaving is reminiscent of the era of Prosperous Kashmiri Heritage. The Kani Pashmina is not just a shawl; it is a piece of fine art loaded in colours, sophistication and fine craftsmanship which takes approximately 6 months in its making. There is something magical about a Kani shawl- the way it erupts into a mirthful burst of colour, the intriguing patterns woven into its very weave and the way it brings elegance and grace to this attire. The leaning of Pashmina was set by none other than Empress Josephine when her husband, Napoleon gifted it to her. These wraps use small sticks known as Kanis to create an exquisite medley in its weave. Kani is the local Kashmir name given to a wooden spool, which works most while weaving a scarf with the authentic technique. On the base, small wooden sticks called 'Kanis' create magic with the colourful threads wound around them, and create paisley and intriguing pattern all over its surface in the rich jamawar pattern. Weaving is meticulously regulated by a coded pattern, known as the Talim(Language) drawn by the Naqash (Artist) for the guidance of the weaver. Kani Pashmina-the epitome of Kashmiri Hand Craft, a must have in the Bridal Trousseau, more than a shawl, a masterpiece that stays with you lifelong!  Preliminary Steps: The accumulated Pashm strings are washed, combed and spun before handing it out to the weaver. As easy as it may seem, the real practice is numerous and arduous.